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VRtist Fun Central Control Console

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Try our VRtist Fun Classroom, over 800 hours VR courses cover major subjects crossover the entire K12 education. The VRtist Fun Classroom is built with the latest VR helmet type devices, central control console and storage cabinet. Supporting public or private network, clouding, concurrent multiple access control, the solution presents the key user benefits such as flexibility, full remote control/upgrade/servicing, user-friendly and reliability. Contact us to request for the Demo today.

Multiplayer VR Training Solution

MR Training Solution

VRtist Fun Training Server Monitor

The latest VR training solution for your business. We customize the VR training course for your employees. Believe in the effective of VR training method, save the training cost, enhance the training result. Our up-to-date training solution helps the MNC to standardize and conduct the training cross regions. Integrated with APIx, the solution has completed exam system and save all data for further analysis. Let’s us design your corporate VR training today and experience the tremendous outcome.

Facebook Spark AR Platform

Tencent QQ AR Platform

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Alipay AR Platform

Using AR technology for your marketing need. create the funny AR contents, mini-games, interactive AR application for your product. Grow the sales by utilizing the world leading social media platform. Check the result of our existing project and subscribe your own services today.